Make Your Vacation Home Go Greener

If you’re fortunate to have a secluded vacation home or cabin that lets you enjoy nature, why not go green and give back to the environment.  This article will hopefully give you some suggestions as to how you can go a little greener without breaking the bank.  You can save money in the end by making your vacation home as energy efficient as possible with just a few updates. If this is something that piques your interest then continue reading to learn how easy it is.

The first option is to go solar. While going solar is a great idea, certain factors may hinder that prospect.   Is your cabin in a heavily wooded area with over hanging trees?  Then solar may not be for you.  However, if your home receives a lot of direct sunlight, then you may be a candidate.

To begin, you’ll need to determine how much energy you’ll actually need.  The easiest way is to check out your cabin’s electric bills.   Shop around for solar panels that fit your budget, your home and your energy needs.  Don’t get caught up in the moment and buy the first ones you see.  Shop around and compare prices and never rely on the word of the person getting a commission for a sale. If they pressure you with “This sale price is only good for the next 24 hours,” then move on.  You have waited this long and an extra day to research won’t hurt.  Always get estimates in writing so you can compare it against your budget.  By creating that budget and sticking to it, you’ll have a better chance of recouping the costs with savings.

If money is tight, an easy and cheaper way to use solar power is to purchase a solar powered water heater and a solar powered well pump.  Who says you can’t go green and still have the luxuries of home?

If solar isn’t an option, don’t despair.  You can still go greener!  The first step is to check your appliances.  Are they the newer energy efficient type?  If not it may be time to replace them.  Now granted, if you only spend a week or two a year at your cabin then you may not want to invest in all new appliances.  You can just replace the older ones first.  They don’t have to be the most expensive, but keep the energy efficiency high as possible.

One of the most energy guzzlers that people tend to forget is the water heater.  A simple fix is to install a switch, like a light switch, that cuts power to the water heater.  When you want hot water, you just flip the switch on.  When you don’t need a lot, flip it off. How easy is that!

Just because you’re updating those appliances, doesn’t mean you can run the heat with the windows open.  You’ll want to conserve energy while reducing your costs.  A few more things to help conserve is adding an extra layer of insulation, replace windows that are drafty, and replace the old fashioned lightbulbs with CFC or LED lighting.

So as you can see, it’s not hard to go greener in your vacation cabin.  In fact, once the vacation is done and you head home, take some of this information you’ve learned here to go greener there as well.  Mother Nature will thank you.




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