Solar Energy Alternative Methods

Tired of your electric bill going higher and higher?  Is it possible to do something about it without breaking the bank?  Well, if you’ve been thinking about going solar but you don’t want to spend thousands, you’re in luck.  There’s no reason you have to power your entire home solar.  Every little bit helps.

Let’s say you use a lot of energy each month.  Whether it’s an old A/C and even older water heater or combine that with a massive swimming pool, the energy costs add up quickly.  Even low powered outside lights will raise your electric bill.  To start lowering it, what about using solar lights outside?  They’ll get charged during the day and shine bright throughout the night.  There’s a start.

Now, how about that pool?  Talk about an energy guzzler. What can we do about that? How about a solar powered water pump?  It can be just as efficient as an electric pump providing that there is enough sunlight.  Talk about a massive energy saver!

But, if you’re like me, you don’t just want a pool, you want a nice heated pool.  Major electricity spending there, right?  Not necessarily.  Solar has you covered there as well.  Whew!  Think about how much you paid for the pool.  Now check out the electric usage for the heating of the pool.   Solar’s sounding pretty good now, right?

Got a constantly bubbling fountain out in the yard?  Go solar and save all that money for electricity.  As an added benefit, without all the wires needed for electricity, it can be placed wherever you want just as long as it gets enough sun. Cha-ching! More money saved.

Let’s see.  You have outdoor lighting, a bubbling fountain and a heated pool. What’s next?  How about an outdoor kitchen!  It’s funny that as popular as they are, very few people think about going green here.  One reason is that most of the grills are either charcoal or gas.  However if you do a lot of cooking outside, you might actually have an oven outside as well.  Why not use a solar oven?  Just as useful, but cheaper in the long run.

In this article I’ve mentioned just a few of the ways to save green by going at least a little green.  That old water heater & A/C that are just guzzling the juice?  The water heater, yep they can go solar.  The A/C?  Replace it with a more efficient system.  Money saved, a lot. See, a lot of little actions can add up to great monthly electric savings.  Cha-ching and money in the bank!

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Thanks for reading, Shelia Lirette.

Interested in solar ovens?  Check out this video on youtube:  DIY Solar Oven 60/40 Design *340degrees reached! :O)*


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